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Catholic Education Week at Bressani

By Vanessa Spagnuolo, Student Writer

This past week, from April 30 to May 5, 2017, Catholic schools across Ontario celebrated the annual Catholic Education Week. This year’s major theme of reflection was “Walking Forward Together,” with sub-themes including “Walking Forward Together” with God, with Our Families, with Others, with Creation and in Hope.

Father Bressani is one of the many schools across the province to hold events in participation with Catholic Education Week every year, and this year was no exception.

On the first day, two Immaculate Conception Youth Group Members, Joey and Daniel Clemenzi, came in to speak to students about social justice, faith development and how to become involved with the Youth Group. Student’s truly took their words to heart.

“I think they are very dedicated to what they teach,” said Catherine Taniajura, Grade 11 Bressani student. “They seem very genuine. I could see myself possibly volunteering with the Youth Group in the future.”

A Catholic Education Week Mass was held at Immaculate Conception Parish and students were also given the opportunity to celebrate by entering a six word story contest. Students were to provide a complete story about catholic education in only six words. Submissions could be dropped off as a ballot at the front desk, or submitted through twitter to the Bressani Library. Unfortunately, many students were unaware of the contest and missed their chance to enter.

“I wish it would have been promoted more,” said Grade 11 Bressani student, Daphne Alvarado. “I would have definitely entered if I knew about it, but I don’t have twitter so I didn’t see the information, and I didn’t go to the library so I didn’t see the sign.”

On the final day of Catholic Education Week, the school’s chaplains, Mrs. DiNardo and Mrs. Petrolo discussed prayer shelves that would soon be put up in each classroom. They are to be available to students for prayer before a test and to take a moment to reflect and destress. Students have mixed opinions on this idea.

“Personally, praying does not alleviate my stress,” said Alvarado, “but I can understand why some students may like this idea. However, we do have a chapel in service and I feel like we should promote that more for students.” Many students share the same opinion and feel that investing in prayer shelves are a waste of money as students will not use them, but others support the idea.

“I think prayer shelves are excellent additions in our classrooms because we are embracing our Catholic faith,” said Joseph Spagnuolo, Grade 11 Bressani student.

Catholic Education Week 2017 was surely embraced at Father Bressani, as it is important to recognize Catholic Education and unite the communities of catholic students.

“We should be proud that we go to a Catholic school,” said Grade 10 student, Sarah Simone. “We should be proud of our religion and we should all walk forward together with God and our families. Also, the Catholic Education Week mass is important because it showcases our religion and student’s talents.”

Patrick Santarsia, a Grade 9 student at Father Bressani, said, “Catholic Education Week is extremely important for Catholic Youth because even in stressful school years, kids should know the stories, the importance, the meaning, and the benefits our faith has in store for us.”

A huge thank you goes out to all the teachers, students and staff who worked so hard to put together all of the events that were held at the school this past week to celebrate Catholic Education. We look forward to celebrating again next year.


Father Bressani celebrates Global Day of the Engineer

By Vanessa Spagnuolo, Student Writer

On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, Father Bressani celebrated the second annual Global Day of the Engineer.  This day, presented by DiscoverE, has stemmed from a growing worldwide movement that celebrates engineers and attempts to inspire future generations of innovators.

Communities around the world come together to recognize and bring attention to the revolutionary work that engineers do on a daily basis. All the individuals involved pledge to three things: to celebrate engineers, to engage students and to share local innovation.

Father Bressani, through their commitment to this pledge, decided to celebrate Global Day of the Engineer by setting up challenges in the Library for students to complete during both A and B lunches. With help from the engineering design process that was listed for students, teams were encouraged to complete the tasks as best they could.

One such challenge was for students to design and construct a paper clip chain that would hold the most weight. Each team had only 100 paperclips, two minutes to design, seven minutes to create and one minute to test their structure.

Other similar challenges involved designing structures using various items such as cups, foil. straws, paper rolls, newspaper pages, clothespins, popsicle sticks etc.

Students enjoyed the challenges and had so much fun working together to complete them. The teams were really encouraged to think like engineers.

“I had to make a rollercoaster structure with paper rolls and tape. It made me realize how difficult it is to actually design a sound structure with such limited materials. It was fun to think of creative ways to use such limited materials,” said Christian Santilli, a Grade 11 student who participated in one of the challenges.  

Considering this is only the second annual Global Day of the Engineer, most students were unaware that such a day existed and were pleasantly surprised to find out that Father Bressani was celebrating in the library.

“It’s cool of them to do this. It seems like a lot of fun. I wish it was advertised better because I had never really heard of this before,” said Grade 11 student Madison Geddes.

Pictures and videos of students completing the challenges were posted on social media all day with the hashtags #GlobalEngineer and #GlobalEngineerDay.

“I saw pictures on twitter. I think it’s a good idea,” said Grade 11 student Catherine Taniajura. “I think it’s important to have a day to appreciate engineers and what they do.”

Global Day of the Engineer is still a very new celebration, but schools like Bressani are quickly embracing it. Such a simple thing like setting up little challenges in the library does so much to shine a light on the work of engineers across the world.

Students who did not get the chance to participate in the challenges this year do not need to worry. There’s always next year. Be sure to show your support when Global Day of the Engineer celebrations come back to Bressani in 2018.


Kortright Maple Syrup Festival

by Madison Geddes, Student Writer

Toward the end of the Winter season and the first few colder weeks of Spring is the Maple Syrup Season. During this time, there are corresponding Maple Syrup Festivals all across Canada celebrating one of the country’s  staple products.

Easily the largest one in the GTA is the festival at the Kortright Centre for Conservation, and from March 4 to April 2, Kortright hosts it’s very own Maple Syrup Festival within their 325 hectares of land.

Kortright works with a number of partners and sponsors in order to promote the use of sustainable energy use and for the protection of the natural environment. These include the Earth Rangers, York Region, and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Throughout the entirety of the year they hold a wide variety of different festivals and events, even including summer camps for children, to promote their cause and bring environmental awareness  to the public. For students, Kortright also provides an innumerable amount of volunteer opportunities. The annual Maple Syrup Festival is easily one of their largest events.

As Kortright volunteer Madison Fanelli says, “I found out about Kortright from a friend. I really enjoy volunteering there as it gives me a chance to get closer to the outdoors. The Maple Syrup Festival was fun. It was good to experience those demonstrations and I believe that I learned just as much as any of the guests that came by, not to mention that there were a lot of people who came by.”

There are many Father Bressani students who volunteer there. However, they seem to be outnumbered by those who aren’t too familiar with the centre.

“I think I had heard of it, but I never really knew anything about it,” explains Bressani student Vanessa Spagnuolo. “I’ve never heard about the Maple Syrup Festival.”

“I’ve been there maybe once or twice. I don’t know much about it,” answered student Cristina Rulli.

“I have been there a couple times. I’ve been to the Maple Syrup Festival too. It was okay, I do wish I could have been more involved in the demonstrations though. Other than that it was nice.” student Erica Lombardo recalled.

For clarification, those who attended the festival were given the opportunity to watch live demonstrations of how maple syrup was originally produced by both the First Nations and the pioneers, as well as how the syrup is made and classified today. There are also syrup samples available, as well as a large mass of maple syrup products for anyone to purchase at their own leisure.

Upon the land there are a mass of maple trees that provide the sap for demonstrations on how the sap is taken from the trees without damaging them, and how it is used to make the syrup.

All of this is available with the backdrop of a peaceful nature hike of the Kortright land. While the festival may be over now, you will have a chance to attend next year. If you are unable to, then as stated before Kortright holds a number of other events during the year.

Kortright is a beautiful place that allows people to get closer to nature and learn more about the world upon which they live. It’s worth checking out at least once.

Father Bressani Hosts YRAA Wrestling Tournament

By Samantha Talani, Student Writer

Students from all over York Region gathered in the Father Bressani gym on February 16th, 2017 to participate in the annual YRAA championship.

High school wrestling teams such as Bill Crothers, Stephen Lewis, St. Jean de Brebeuf, St.Maximilian and Father Bressani, took the mat in hopes of winning a gold medal.

Each individual athlete was categorized by their weight and gender to make it reasonable and fair for all teams. Throughout the day, participants wrestled each other using different moves such as a gut wrench, where the wrestler on top wraps his or her arms around their opponent’s mid section and turn them over to their back.

Another popular wrestling technique is the double leg. A double leg is when a wrestler wraps their arms around their opponent’s legs and bring them down to the mat. There are many other popular techniques that wrestlers often use including the fireman, shot and sprawl.

Mark Robinson, a grade 11 student at Father Bressani was asked a few questions after his first match. He was asked if he believed he can win a gold medal. “Yes I can, I’ve already won my first match” was his immediate reply. Catching up with Mark later, his determination did in fact win him a gold medal.  

Although wrestling is considered a tough sport, many acts of respect and kindness are shown throughout each match. Greeting each opponent with a handshake, and even congratulating one another after the match is over.

Father Bressani showed good sportsmanship and were very welcoming to all schools attending the tournament. Teammates also shared some advice and supported each other throughout the tournament.

When asked what it feels like to be apart of the Father Bressani wrestling team, Katherine Von Friedl who is in grade 11 simply said “I love the team and I love the teammates, they’re like my second family”. She also added that she had just finished her first winning match and continued on to win a gold medal.

Father Bressani showed great athleticism at YRAA as medals were won by 14 members.  

Bronze Medals: Madison Robinson, Christian Ispas, Adam Miceli

Silver Medals: Teresa Raso, Olivia Simonetta, Adam DiCecco, Juan Leikis, Gianpaolo Fortino, Ariana Patriarca, Joseph Di Luciano

Gold Medals: Matthew Larsen, Katherine Von Friedl, Alicia Alvarez-Sanchez

Coaches and the Father Bressani community were very proud of all wrestlers for a great performance and a successful day.

Shrove Tuesday

By Madison Geddes, Student Writer

Tuesday, February 28 was Shrove Tuesday for the 2017 year and per tradition, the Father Bressani high school celebrated by serving pancakes to all of its students. During the first and second periods of the school day, teachers handed out tickets and brought their classes down to the cafeteria for members of the student council to distribute pancakes to everyone.

Being given pancakes by the school is not something new for anyone at this school. It has proved to be an old, annual tradition throughout the entirety of all of our lives. However, there are many people who do not know the purpose behind this Shrove Tuesday tradition.

Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday depending upon where you live) is the day preceding Ash Wednesday. A day determined by the day of Easter, which changes annually. It is a day where Christians attempt to get ‘shriven’–(of a priest) hear the confession of, assign penance to, and absolve (someone)–read ‘shrove’, before Lent. Pancakes became forever associated with the day because Christians traditionally fasted during Lent. Making pancakes was a quick way to use up all of the eggs, sugar, milk and all other fattening foods before the fasting period began. Thus, it soon also became known as Pancake Tuesday in lieu of the food usually eaten by many people.

So it has become commonplace for many schools to serve pancakes on this day.

“I liked the pancakes, they were okay,” commented grade 11 student Vanessa Spagnuolo.

“I do think that it’s generous of the school to give out pancakes to everyone,” added student council member Giulia Clarizio.

In the end Shrove Tuesday at Father Bressani was a success. Everyone received good pancakes in tradition with the occasion. With this, we prepare ourselves and await Easter.

The Votes are in…

By Madison Fanelli, Student Writer

          Father Bressani’s Journalism class has decided on a theme for the 2017 yearbook. The theme “Eagle’s Choice Awards” focuses on the student voters nominating and voting for their fellow classmates for awards.

          Each grade will have their own set of awards to vote for. Teacher nominations and awards, may be a possibility as well. Students will be able to vote for things such as, “Best Dressed on Civvies Days” and “Nicest Smile”. In the future years, the yearbook theme will allow Bressani students to look back at the award recipients and see whether or not these predictions still remain.

          All awards and nominations will give students a chance to learn new things about their fellow classmates. Hopefully some awards will allow students to look back and laugh. Aiming to get the students involved as much as possible, the Journalism students are accepting any suggestions for the awards, as well as nominations.

          Students can propose their ideas directly to the Journalism class (Period 2 Room 232) or send an email to, in hopes that your suggestion will be taken into consideration. Although the voting process is yet to be determined, students will soon be informed through twitter, in regards to the voting process.


The Bressani Boys Hockey Team finish their regular season 8-0

By Christian Manzato, Student Writer

The Bressani Varsity Boys Hockey team finished their regular season with a perfect 8-0 record. Inconsistent performances by the Eagles has kept things on edge for all spectators, players, and coaches.

Their games against Vaughan SS were the most surprising of the season. The Eagles won 4-2 in their first matchup against Vaughan SS. The boys started off their game strong by scoring some early goals, then lost their rhythm and continued to play the game at a snail’s pace. Head Coach Mr. Gorys commented, “We started off strong but then the game died after the first period.”

The same occurrence continued in their last meetup on January 16. Andreas Vena gave the team an early lead with a goal six seconds into the game. Later on in the game Vaughan tied up the game at 1-1. This was due to the sloppy plays that the Eagles were making. Bressani’s saviour, Marek Krawczynski, scored a late third period goal on a hard drive to the net, which secured the team with the win.

All coaches, players and fans were upset with the slow and sloppy performance by the Eagles. Both coaches, Mr. Colucci and Mr. Gorys agreed that the team played sloppy and had a bad game. On a positive note Grade 9 rookie goaltender, Christian Forgione, stood on his head and kept the boys in the game.

Earlier in the season, the Eagles had back to back great games against CHAT with a score of 3-0 and rivals Holy Cross Hawks with a score of 5-2. Highlights from the CHAT game included an unsurprisingly early goal, 5 seconds into the game, by Andreas Vena. Also, a stellar performance from goalie Nicolas Porretta with a shutout.

In Bressani’s second matchup against Holy Cross rookie forward, Daniel Ruocco, shows off his talent with his first hat-trick of the season against Holy Cross. His brother and team mate, Matthew Ruocco, was happy saying about his brother, “I’m not surprised that he got three goals.” And another great game with amazing saves by veteran goalie, Andrew Carestia, gave Bressani the edge they needed to win the game.

The team’s regular season top leading scorers tied with seven goals a piece are star forward Andreas Vena and rookie Daniel Ruocco. Also, leading the team in wins are Andrew Carestia and Nicolas Porretta with three each.

Going into playoffs the Mr. Gorys, head coach, is confident but thinks that the team needs to improve in some areas. After Bressani’s last game against Vaughan SS, Mr.Gorys commented, “In our last game we played sloppy and going into the playoff we have to have stronger performances to ensure our success.”

Check for updates about the Bressani Eagles Boys Hockey team. The Eagles will play their first playoff game on February 7.