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Catholic Education Week at Bressani

By Vanessa Spagnuolo, Student Writer

This past week, from April 30 to May 5, 2017, Catholic schools across Ontario celebrated the annual Catholic Education Week. This year’s major theme of reflection was “Walking Forward Together,” with sub-themes including “Walking Forward Together” with God, with Our Families, with Others, with Creation and in Hope.

Father Bressani is one of the many schools across the province to hold events in participation with Catholic Education Week every year, and this year was no exception.

On the first day, two Immaculate Conception Youth Group Members, Joey and Daniel Clemenzi, came in to speak to students about social justice, faith development and how to become involved with the Youth Group. Student’s truly took their words to heart.

“I think they are very dedicated to what they teach,” said Catherine Taniajura, Grade 11 Bressani student. “They seem very genuine. I could see myself possibly volunteering with the Youth Group in the future.”

A Catholic Education Week Mass was held at Immaculate Conception Parish and students were also given the opportunity to celebrate by entering a six word story contest. Students were to provide a complete story about catholic education in only six words. Submissions could be dropped off as a ballot at the front desk, or submitted through twitter to the Bressani Library. Unfortunately, many students were unaware of the contest and missed their chance to enter.

“I wish it would have been promoted more,” said Grade 11 Bressani student, Daphne Alvarado. “I would have definitely entered if I knew about it, but I don’t have twitter so I didn’t see the information, and I didn’t go to the library so I didn’t see the sign.”

On the final day of Catholic Education Week, the school’s chaplains, Mrs. DiNardo and Mrs. Petrolo discussed prayer shelves that would soon be put up in each classroom. They are to be available to students for prayer before a test and to take a moment to reflect and destress. Students have mixed opinions on this idea.

“Personally, praying does not alleviate my stress,” said Alvarado, “but I can understand why some students may like this idea. However, we do have a chapel in service and I feel like we should promote that more for students.” Many students share the same opinion and feel that investing in prayer shelves are a waste of money as students will not use them, but others support the idea.

“I think prayer shelves are excellent additions in our classrooms because we are embracing our Catholic faith,” said Joseph Spagnuolo, Grade 11 Bressani student.

Catholic Education Week 2017 was surely embraced at Father Bressani, as it is important to recognize Catholic Education and unite the communities of catholic students.

“We should be proud that we go to a Catholic school,” said Grade 10 student, Sarah Simone. “We should be proud of our religion and we should all walk forward together with God and our families. Also, the Catholic Education Week mass is important because it showcases our religion and student’s talents.”

Patrick Santarsia, a Grade 9 student at Father Bressani, said, “Catholic Education Week is extremely important for Catholic Youth because even in stressful school years, kids should know the stories, the importance, the meaning, and the benefits our faith has in store for us.”

A huge thank you goes out to all the teachers, students and staff who worked so hard to put together all of the events that were held at the school this past week to celebrate Catholic Education. We look forward to celebrating again next year.


Shrove Tuesday

By Madison Geddes, Student Writer

Tuesday, February 28 was Shrove Tuesday for the 2017 year and per tradition, the Father Bressani high school celebrated by serving pancakes to all of its students. During the first and second periods of the school day, teachers handed out tickets and brought their classes down to the cafeteria for members of the student council to distribute pancakes to everyone.

Being given pancakes by the school is not something new for anyone at this school. It has proved to be an old, annual tradition throughout the entirety of all of our lives. However, there are many people who do not know the purpose behind this Shrove Tuesday tradition.

Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday depending upon where you live) is the day preceding Ash Wednesday. A day determined by the day of Easter, which changes annually. It is a day where Christians attempt to get ‘shriven’–(of a priest) hear the confession of, assign penance to, and absolve (someone)–read ‘shrove’, before Lent. Pancakes became forever associated with the day because Christians traditionally fasted during Lent. Making pancakes was a quick way to use up all of the eggs, sugar, milk and all other fattening foods before the fasting period began. Thus, it soon also became known as Pancake Tuesday in lieu of the food usually eaten by many people.

So it has become commonplace for many schools to serve pancakes on this day.

“I liked the pancakes, they were okay,” commented grade 11 student Vanessa Spagnuolo.

“I do think that it’s generous of the school to give out pancakes to everyone,” added student council member Giulia Clarizio.

In the end Shrove Tuesday at Father Bressani was a success. Everyone received good pancakes in tradition with the occasion. With this, we prepare ourselves and await Easter.

Fr Bressani Invades VEX Robotics Competition


By Student Writer, Vanessa Di Stefano

On Saturday January 14th, 2017, the Father Bressani Robotics Team, the FB Eagles participated in the York Region area of the VEX Robotics Competition, sponsored by: Design Solutions and hosted by Sir William Mulock Secondary School in Newmarket Ontario.

The VEX Robotics competition is known worldwide and more than 10, 000 teams from 40 countries participating. Many cities in different states and provinces host the event. The VEX Robotics competition is a day for individuals to be creative and to bring forth all of their ideas and abilities to build the best robot.

The competition is an all-day event.  Battles between the robots take place in a large 12 ft. by 12 ft. cage field.  This cage is spilt into two halves, one half is red and the other half is blue. There are a total of four teams competing in one cage match. Two alliance teams are on each side of the cage. The object of the game is for the robot to pick up an object and throw it over to the opposite side.  The battle starts with a 15 second time period, which the robot is already programmed to work on its own, followed by a one minute and forty-five second control play. This is when the students are allowed to control the robot. Robots need to score higher than their opposing alliance team. On each half of the cage, there are two area zones, the near zone and the far zone.  There are different scores awarded depending on the zone where the objects land.  Robots from opposing alliances are allowed to block objects from landing on their side. The objects include a star and a cube and there are a total of 24 stars and 4 cubes.  It is the battle of the ROBOTS!


The Father Bressani team had a successful outcome. Throughout the first match parts of the robot needed some minor maintenance and repair; however they still received points for having a robot that worked. Other schools had difficulty as well.  Father Bressani won the first match even though there was a small hiccup for maintenance repair. The team kept their spirits high and were ready for the next battle.  They stayed strong and won the second match and although they lost the third, they came back tough and won the forth.

The Father Bressani Robotics Team included Dharma Capitao and Victor Buica for programming, Anastacia De Oliveira, Brandon Paolozzi and Kathrine von Friedl for the design and construction of the robot and Ms. Hofstatter who supervised and assisted with the production of the robot.

Ms. Hofstatter, the team leader and technology teacher at Father Bressani said “This was the first year that Father Bressani participated in the VEX Robotics competition and the team did an amazing job.  I believe that the team really came together in the end.  I am proud of the students because they worked hard and spent a lot of time and effort working on the robot.”


Dharma Capitao a participant of the competition said “At first I felt like our robot would not even come close to the greatness of the other schools robots because it felt like we rushed it.  Once we finished it, I knew that we could win because we worked together as a team and we had fun. I think that was the most important experience. It wasn’t just about winning for us.  It was about working with each other and celebrating this event with other students that had the same interests as us. I feel like our team are the real champions.”

The team’s dedication and creativity demonstrated their true sportsmanship and motivation.  Father Bressani is very proud of their robotics team and we hope to see them competing in years to come.    

Halloween at Bressani

Today at Bressani the vast majority of our students were in costume.  We had a great day of fun, including costume judging and some games during the lunches.  Thank you to the councils for running the fun activities today.  Here are some of the great costumes spotted at FB today:

The Pace Class of 2017 has the Halloween Spirit!
The Pace Class of 2017 has the Halloween Spirit!


Nice eyes!


Gr.11 AP students at Father Bressani place among the top 20% for the University of Waterloo’s Avogadro Exam for Chemistry

By: Ms. DiMaria, Science Department

The Science Department is proud to congratulate Daniel Morelli and Teodora Marginean, Gr.11 AP Chemistry students, for each receiving a Certificate of Achievement in the 29th annual Avogadro Exam run by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Waterloo.  The competitive Chemistry exam is open to all students across Canada and internationally and we are pleased to acknowledge that both Daniel and Teodora placed among the top twenty percent (20%) of exam writers, which included over four thousand students.

Additionally, Daniel also receives a Certificate of Distinction for achieving the top score among all students who participated here at Father Bressani.  We would like to acknowledge all our students who participated in this year’s contest for their dedication, hard work and excellent achievement throughout the semester.

Congratulations Daniel and Teodora on your outstanding performance, we wish you much success in your future studies and may you prosper in your individual goals (which hopefully will include Chemistry!)

Another Successful Artsibition!

Congratulations to our Visual Arts and Photography students for another successful Artsibition. With the assistance of the Visual Arts Council, viewers were treated to the tremendous talent of our student artists. Many thanks to Ms. D’Amato and Ms. Consoli for their support of student success!

If you missed the show, here’s a sampling of the students’ work:


The Future of Science

By Ms. Palmieri, Science Department

It is with great pleasure to announce that 7 science students (Shadia Adekunte, Kyra Disimino, Isabella Fortuna, Greta Raffoul, Teodora Marginean, Francesco Mazza, and Anisa Thomas) were accepted into summer internship programs at various local universities and/or hospitals.

Four were accepted into the Research Opportunity Program in Engineering (ROPE) where 33 students were selected from over 100 applicants.  The ROPE program is an opportunity for female high school science students to “gain experience working with researchers, learn various techniques, and to develop problem-solving skills”.  Kyra, Anisa, and Greta (who was also accepted into a summer mentorship program at the University of Toronto) accepted this offer and expressed their excitement stating that, “… it gives girls a chance to be empowered by education.”

Teodora, although accepted into the ROPE program, will instead be working at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in the Schramek lab doing cancer genetics at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Shadia, Isabella and Francesco will be attending the Helix Summer Science Institute at York University for the month of July where they will experience, “… cutting-edge research through interactive lectures and labs”.

Finally, Francesco will also be attending a mentorship program at the Sick Kids Hospital for the month of August.  This program allows students to explore a wide range of laboratory research and work with professionals in the science field.

The Science Department and the entire Father Bressani community are extremely proud and wish these students a great learning and working experience.

science kids.jpg