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AMAZING Artists at Father Bressani!

By: Michael Tassone (gr. 12), President of the Visual Arts Council

Visual art is one of the few mediums for one to express all their emotions and beliefs, and channel them into something tangible and captivating. The feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment one feels after completing an onerous and strenuous artwork is unique, and one that only artists can appreciate. Over the past four years, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing experiences in art with fellow classmates which have helped us grow and improve both as people and artists.

I would like to sincerely thank these classmates, from grades nine to twelve, for their involvement and incessant passion in the visual arts, whether this is your last year at Bressani or your first. Thank you to the students involved in the organization and planning of Artsibition, as well as those who displayed their work in the exhibit. Without you it could never be successful. Thank you to those who spent hours to make the beautiful henna tattoos to support our fundraising efforts. A special thank you to all the grade 12 students for their involvement in the arts program throughout the past four years, and who will not be here next year to share their passion and zeal with the community. You will be missed next year, and good luck in your post-secondary studies.

Many thanks to Ms. D’Amato and Ms. Consoli for your guidance and tremendous support!

Stay tuned for Semester 2’s Artsibition show on June 7, 2016.

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