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Flight of the Butterflies



Epic, that’s what you call an adventure that will carry you above the rugged land to places thousands of kilometers away from your birth.  That is what is taking place at Father Bressani CHS.  Science classes have nurtured monarch caterpillars to their gold speckled chrysalis stage and then watched them with awe as the powers of nature transformed the chrysalis into beautiful orange and black mosaic monarchs.

butterfly-release-day-oct-2Tagging the butterflies allows Bressani to join an international Monarch Watch organization that monitors monarch migration across the thousands of kilometers.   On Monday October 2nd, classes released the butterflies from the Father Bressani Peace Garden  sending the butterflies off with a spiritual prayer of thanks.












Mrs.  Skrt-Bric

Science Teacher


Father Bressani meets the Prime minister

By: Jessica Pacella

On Thursday, May 12 the Bressani band met Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and our MP, Francesco Sorbara, who took time from their schedules to talk to the students who were in Ottawa competing in the MusicFest Canadian Finals.

When Trudeau met the band, they sang the school song showing off their school spirit and their pride to be a part of Father Bressani. Trudeau seemed to enjoy the performance the band put on for him.

Trudeau quizzed the Father Bressani students to teach the students and make them aware of what parliament does and the importance of parliament. The students answered with what they knew and what they could recall from school. They were well explained but it didn’t really reach for the true importance of parliament. Trudeau then explained to the students that it holds meetings to discuss world conflicts and our very own Canadian conflicts and how they can be solved.

Trudeau spoke with the band for 15 minutes and even opened up a Q&A. One student asked what hair product he uses and the band even found out that his favourite hockey team is the Montreal Canadians.

Ms. Felipe and Mr. Buttigieg presented Trudeau with an official school sweater before he took a picture with the group.

When Trudeau left, the band got to meet our MP, Francesco Sorbara who congratulated them on their  excellent work in the MusicFest competition. He gave awards to both junior band and senior band. He even gave awards to the grade 12s that came on the trip who were Jenna Baffa, Michael Tomaino and Alessandra Cirillo. MP Sorbara also finished his visit with a group photo.

It was a once and lifetime opportunity for the students to meet with the leader of our country and our MP who got to share the thrill of our accomplishments with them.

Co-Operative Education

By: Mr. Gary McGuire

The Administration and Co-op Department of Father Bressani CHS would like to thank our local employers who provided an excellent safe learning environment for our students. Students were made aware that in today’s fast-moving, technology-based world, the demand for various skills can change rapidly and students must be able to adapt to these changes. Understanding these patterns of change is vital for a student to make an informed choice about his/her future career.

A very special thanks to Earl’s Restaurant Ltd Kitchen – Bar staff for taking the time to visit and demonstrate food preparation techniques to our Social Science and Humanities classes, VC Blueprint Electric and Riviera Parque Restaurant and Banquet facilities as well as Canadian Tire Woodbridge location for offering students assistance in obtaining future apprenticeship opportunities as well as part time employment.


We would like to acknowledge our semester 1 students and their employers:

Monica Ayala, St. Gabriel the Archangel Child Care Centre

Adriano Baldassarra, VC Blueprint Electric Ltd.

Adam Brunino, Select Granite Tops

Robert D’Aversa, EMI Auto Service Centre

 Tamera Larocque, Signatures Salon

 Michael LoPapa, Earl’s Restaurant Ltd. Kitchen – Bar

 Dylan McKay, Canadian Tire Seasonal Dept. – HWY #7 Woodbridge 

 Anthony Perri, Canadian Tire Automotive Dept. – HWY #7 Woodbridge                    

Massimo Pillitteri, FSR Mechanical

 Luigi Stellato, Riviera Parque Restaurant / Banquet Hall

 Victor Ursomarzo, Tamburro Automotive Inc.

College and University Application Update

By: Agnese Puopolo, Department Head of Guidance

Approximately 300 students are eligible to apply to post-secondary institutions.  We have 288 students who have already applied to Ontario universities and colleges for the September 2015 session.  A number of students will be applying to private schools for hairdressing and also to apprenticeships.

The Guidance department has made every effort to inform and encourage students to maximize their opportunities for acceptance.

Below are some tips for college/university applicants:


  1. Assume responsibility for your application and meeting important deadlines;
  2. Be informed; get as much information about your program and its requirements;
  3. Read everything that the colleges/universities send you on the day you receive it and follow all the directions they give;
  4. Visit and tour the college/university you plan to attend, ask questions and get involved;
  5. Keep your focus on school, especially this year. Your marks need to be as high as possible to meet program cut-offs.

Tips for Course Selection

By: Agnese Puopolo, Department Head of Guidance

In mid-February, students will be selecting their courses for next year.  We will be using an on-line tool called Career Cruising Course Planner. Below are some points to keep in mind.

  • Dropping math and science will significantly narrow your career choices;
  • Dropping math does not mean you cannot go to university;
  • Having some courses at the applied level does not rule out university entirely;
  • You can always make room on your timetable for a course you enjoy;
  • More and more students are entering university from college;
  • Some students enter college after completing university;
  • Many college programs require grade 12 College Math;
  • Technology courses in College require grade 12 technological Math (MCT4C); in order to take this course you need to take grade 11 U/C Math (MCF3M1)
  • The key to success involves education, computer skills, people skills, flexibility, life-long learning and global awareness (so don’t drop that foreign language);
  • By the time you enter the world of work, 50% of occupations will require at least three years of study after high school graduation;
  • Skilled trades are still very much in demand (e.g. tool & die making);
  • Most apprenticeship programs require a grade 12 diploma;
  • You will probably change occupations four to seven times in the course of your working life;
  • Part of career planning is looking at what you are good at, what you like to do, and what you value;
  • Any good plan must always have a back- up plan!


Good Luck with your Course selection

SS & H – Culinary Events Club “Give Back” Project

With humble hearts, students in the SS & H – Culinary Events Club contributed to this year’s “Give Back” project.  This year’s area of service was centered around providing a heartfelt gift to those less fortunate and in need for the Christmas holidays.  The Culinary Events Club chose the St. Francis Table, an outreach service program Father Bressani CHS has volunteered at and contributed to for many years. Students in the club baked delicious Christmas Shortbread Cookies, packaged them, and attached beautiful, hopeful prayers which were then delivered to the St. Francis Table.  A very special thank you to the Culinary Event Club members for “Giving Back” to the community!

Thank you.

Melissa Romano
Department Head
Social Sciences and Humanities
Father Bressani Catholic High School
905.851.6643 Ext. 518