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Mr. Zaroski is the Principal of Father Bressani Catholic High School. This is his third high school appointment within the York Catholic District School Board.

How Quickly the Year is Moving!

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through May!  The rugby season is in full swing and our teams continue to do well!

Senior Rugby action at Friday Night Lights May 5th

On May 5 was the annual “Friday Night Lights” junior and senior games at St. Joan.  Our teams won both games in front of hundreds of fans.

Senior Girls Soccer Champs

Congratulations to our Senior Girls Soccer team who won gold at an 18 team tournament on Friday May 5. These are exciting times for Eagle sports at Bressani !

Huge crowd cheering on our teams to victory

Soon we will also be experiencing the “Scenes, Sights and Sounds”  of the Father Bressani Visual and Performing Arts Department.  On May 25th there will be an art exhibit from 6:30 to 9 pm and our school bands will perform their annual spring concert in the main gym starting at 7pm.  Tickets are available in advance for $10.  For more info contact Mrs D’Amato at the school.

Mother’s Day Tea put on by our FLS students

Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting our Special Education (FLS)  students and teachers during period two when they hosted a spring tea for their moms. The room was decorated with flowers and there were tables of sweets.  The moms present were treated to a very touching video made by their kids.  This was a very special event and a great way to move into Mother’s Day weekend.  Well done!


On May 16th we had our annual Breakfast of Champions  for students who have quietly shown leadership in their classes or extra-curricular activities.  The 52 students who were invited were from all grades.

Breakfast of Champions
May 16, 2017

A number of staff have officially given notice to the school board of their intention to retire at the end of this school year.  Please congratulate the following staff when you get a chance to:

Mrs Josie Steriovski, Department Head of Business and Computer Studies

Mr Manuel Arruda, Department Head of Religion

Mr. Jim Nigh, Religion Teacher

Mr. Tony Costanzo, Canadian and World Studies Teacher

Please congratulate the following teachers on their new appointments, effective next September:

Ms Helga Iannucci, Department Head of Religion

Mrs Wendy Hofstatter, Department Head of Business and Computer Studies

Here are some important dates….

May 18   Parenting for Successful Kids, for new grade 9 parents, 7pm

May 25  “Scenes, Sights and Sounds”

May 26  Celebrate Bressani Day

June 1   Catholic School Advisory Council Meeting 7pm

June 13 Graduates Breakfast at the school

June 13 Athletic Banquet 6:30pm

June 20 Grade 12 period 4 exam (12:30), Regular classes for grades 9-11

June 21- 27 Exams at 9am

June 28 Exam Review Day

June 29 PA DAY – Graduation 7pm at Immaculate Conception Parish

June 30 PA DAY – Prom at Le Jardin

I would like to encourage all our students to keep working hard at their studies and for those on school teams, keep up the fine efforts representing us!

D. Zaroski



Walking in Another’s Shoes


Walking north on Hwy 11
Walking north on Hwy 11

Time and time again, we are reminded of the notion that you can’t understand what another person is going through unless you “take a walk in their shoes.”  I understand that we will never completely know what others go through during the challenging moments of their lives but, in an attempt to find a bit of understanding, we can go for that walk in their shoes.  The 360 Experience that I took part in on the night of March 2, was my attempt to understand.

York Region is my adopted home.  I’ve lived and worked here for 30 years.  I raised my family here.  During those years I witnessed  farmer’s fields transform into housing developments containing thousands of homes – good strong, brick homes, the kind that can never be blown down. Huge homes, that offer luxury to those inside.  These homeowners have worked hard for what they have, putting in long hours at work to keep and maintain their homes.  So, over the last 30 years I never really gave much thought to homelessness in York Region.  Homelessness was the problem you saw downtown.

Recently, I discovered that there is a homelessness problem in York Region.  360Kids was introduced to me during a meeting at the York Catholic District School Board, and it led me to visit the 360 Hub on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill.  The programs here help homeless youth to meet their immediate needs for food, care and clothing, as well as provide them with assistance to get their high school diploma, undergo counselling, work and even acquire subsidized apartments.  During my visit, I was invited to take part in the 360 Experience: a night of walking in the shoes of a homeless youth.

The 360Kids organization has a very efficient computer program for securing sponsorships.  I worked hard in January and early February, sending over 700 emails to friends, family, former students, and Y.C.D.S.B. staff to ask for their support.  People I emailed learned about the cause and the money came in.  As the March 2nd event came closer, I was asked to do some media interviews, which I accepted and enjoyed.  Those who know me, know that I like to talk and that I enjoy the excitement of being asked questions “on the spot.”  And so I became an unofficial spokesman for the 360 Experience.

CP24 March 2nd, 7:45am

On the morning of March 2nd the reality set in that the weather was going to be cold.  At 7:45am I was at the 360Kids facility, doing an outdoor interview with CP24.  Sure I was dressed for school, but, those 10 minutes outside were cold and I wondered what I had signed on for.  The upcoming night of homelessness was going to be a challenge.

Later that day, at 7:30pm I returned dressed and ready to take on the cold night. I reported in with the other 35 participants at  the 360Kids hub in Richmond Hill.  After opening speeches, we met our assigned partners and our support crew.  Each pair of participants had a support team (with a car) nearby in case we needed assistance or first aid during the night.Sascha Ellis, Manger of Housing at 360kids

My partner was Sascha Ellis who is the Manager of Housing Programs at 360Kids.  We were given our envelope which contained our scenario for the evening and the resources we were to use to complete the assigned scenario. We represented a 22 year old male who was struggling with mental health issues and addictions.  This young man was a high school drop out who had recently been evicted from a basement apartment because he could not pay rent with his limited income of $600 per month.  We needed to find shelter on this night.  

The temperature was minus 7.  We were given two bus tickets and $3 each.  The only men’s shelter in York Region, Blue Door Porter Place, is located in East Gwillimbury.

Before leaving 360Kids in Richmond Hill, we were joined by Zubin Jussawalla, a TD Commerical Bank Manager,  who was without a partner and heading in the same direction.  So we took a Viva bus to the terminal in Newmarket.  In the parking lot we noticed the LOFT Outreach Van.


There is only one LOFT Van that serves the entire region.  These traveling support workers assist those with mental health and addiction issues, needle exchange, basic health supplies, food, clothing, bedding and help with finding shelter.  After talking with staff, we continued our journey to Blue Door.


The next bus arrived and we continued to Green Lane….the last stop.  The shelter was nowhere in sight.  We continued the rest of the way on foot, walking along highway 11, with no sidewalks and no street lights.  We were cold and the setting was gloomy.  Were there going to be three beds at this shelter?  We walked for almost 3 km.


When we arrived at the shelter the 30 beds were full.  We chatted with staff and found that the female manager was a thoughtful, caring person.  She told us about the shelter and said that on nights like these she would allow us to sleep indoors in the shelter living room if need be, as the outside temperature was extreme.  It was interesting that a female was in charge of a male shelter and we asked if she was ever afraid for her safety.  Her response was that the men who used the shelter were polite and respectful.  We carried on to visit Leeder Place, the family shelter nearby.

Leeder Place was a newer facility than Porter Place.  It is a family shelter, with a total of 15 rooms.  No space available tonight.  Families in economic difficulty can not pay rent and lose their apartments.  Immigrant families have benefits cut off at a specified dates, but what if they haven’t found work? What if you were a single parent with two young children in search of a place to stay? These were the families who were staying here this night

We started our walk back to the bus stop at Green Lane.  It was colder now, and we talked about finding a coffee shop once back in Newmarket.  Zubin had fallen due to the uneven shoulder on the side of the road when walking to the shelter; his ankle was bothering him a bit now.  No cars stopped on this cold night to ask us if we needed help, assistance or directions…

When we arrived at the bus stop we found that the last bus had left and we were stuck.   Our support team found out about our situation and offered a ride.  We decided to be true to the experience and keep walking south.  We aimed for the Tim’s near Upper Canada Mall.  The walk was easier once we were back on a sidewalk.  The time passed quickly as we chatted with each other on a variety of topics.  I couldn’t help thinking how different I would feel if I were truly homeless and on my own this night.


When we saw the Tim’s from a distance we thought it was closed.  What a downer.  As we approached, it was a relief that it was open.  It was 1:25 am, we had walked for more than an hour.  I kept thinking that all I had in my pocket was $3.  When I entered the coffee shop the first person I noticed was a homeless man who was asleep at a table with two large bags of belongings.  On the far side of the store was another man who seemed to be in the same unfortunate situation.  We met up with our support team and took off our jackets.  We had a support team; those other two men did not.

I went up to order a coffee and reflected on the fact that, as a homeless person, the $3 in my hand was so important since it allowed me to sit inside and warm up.  I commented to the young lady behind the cash that she was nice to let those two men stay inside.  She smiled and said that they weren’t bothering anyone and that she had been in their shoes last year when she was homeless and stayed at Belinda’s Place, a women’s shelter.   Unbelievable.

Observe this photo carefullly
Observe this photo carefully

We had our coffee and chatted about our shared  experience so far.  We discussed how we need to teach our children to appreciate the good fortune in their lives and to be charitable towards others.  I remembered the words that were offered by a Physical Ed. teacher to our class many years ago:  “Take care of yourself; take care of others.”  

On our way out I notice the man behind me didn’t have a hat, so I offered him a spare that I had with me.  He said no thank you.  He did accept some money offered by one of our support team drivers.  It’s difficult not to judge.

It was 2:30am and we were to be back at the 360Kids hub by 3:00am.  Zubin’s ankle was sore and he had just realized that the heal of his boot was also broken. I have no idea how long that walk to Richmond Hill would have taken us.  We drove back with the support team. The ride was a quiet one as we quietly reflected on the places we had been and the people we had met tonight.

We arrived at the 360Kids Hub and entered to get a sleeping bag and a tarp.  I also had a hand woven milk bag  mat made by the students of the Father Bressani Environmental Council.  These mats had been made for “Canadian Food for Children” and were to be shipped to third world countries.  They presented it to me when they heard I would be sleeping outside (the mat made a difference!).

Using the milk bag mat
Using the milk bag mat

We went to the parking lot and started to set up our tarp and sleeping bags in between a fence and the parked cars.  It was 3am and we knew that at 5:30am we would not be homeless anymore.  We chatted for a bit, sent some tweets and bundled up.  It was a few minutes later when a young person walked up to us.  He knew Sascha as it was Sascha who had helped him find accommodations at 360Kids.  This 20 year old had been a drug user, a high school dropout, a street person and for a while,  a person with no hope.  He said that he saw us from the windows and thought he’d come out.  We chatted about his street life, and how 360Kids finally came into his life to turn things around.  He was now on track, clean and working towards his high school diploma.  He had a place to call home.  We thanked him for the chat and as he made his way back inside he said: “Thanks for what you are doing.”  

What's under the tarp?
What’s under the tarp?

For the first hour I was warm but frustrated that I couldn’t get comfortable.  Another group appeared and set up their sleeping bags.  At 4:30am I was cold.  I couldn’t sleep and the wind had picked up.  When Sascha announced it was 5:30am, the five sleeping bag bound people came to life and packed up.  Finally inside for warmth.  The 360 Experience ended with some speeches, an announcement of our fundraising totals and breakfast.

Everyone was tired.  Everyone had their own feelings about how the night went.  Each of us had our personal take-a-ways.  My take-a-way was simply this:  Be happy and proud of what you have in your life, but also be willing to assist others.  Each of us have found success in our lives because of the positive relationships in our lives.  For whatever reason, this is not true for all. Lend a hand if you can.

I will be back out on the street to take part in 360 Experience 2018, hoping to bring others along with me.

Other Photos:


Melton Moyo, Principal of St. Max and me on the set of “Daytime York Region”  on February 22nd.  Mr. Moyo also took part in the 360 Experience.



Our group ofimg_9437 35 participants raised over$119, 500 during the 360 Experience 2017! All funds go towards programs at 360Kids.  I would like to thank the 209 people who sponsored me this year.  Every dollar counts.




For more information about this youth shelter and its programs to get youth on track:

360 Experience Participants came from all areas of York Region from all sorts of occupations.

Danieimg_9380l Kostopoulos, City Manager,         City of Vaughan






Dave Barrow,     Mayor                     Richmond Hill




*Thank you to Michael Braithwaite, Executive Director at Raising the Roof for inviting me to take part in the 360 Experience.  Follow Michael on twitter:  @mbraithwaite72 or @RaisingTheRoof

Follow 360Kids on twitter: @360kid_york


Semester Two, here we go!

As the second semester starts at Father Bressani, I would like to congratulate the staff and students on a job well done.  Exams went by smoothly and by all accounts, we had more students experience success than ever before.  Thank to the staff for all they did to prepare the students for their exams, the students for working hard, and the parents for their never ending support.

Report Cards go home on Feb. 10th

The end of semester one marked the retirement of our Science Department Head, Mr. Ron Roberts.  His teaching career spanned 34.5 years, all of which were at Father Bressani.  Mr. Roberts, a pioneer of Bressani, has taught and inspired many students to continue their studies in science at university.  We wish him well in retirement!

I am pleased to introduce you to Mr. Henry Zavagno, our new Science Department Head.  Mr. Zavagno comes to us from St. Robert where he held the same position for a number of years.  Over his career, he has taught at three other York Catholic high schools, Cardinal Carter, Our Lady of the Lake and St. Robert.  Welcome to the west Mr. Zavagno!

With Mrs Basso leaving to have her baby (soon!), we are also pleased to welcome Ms Sara Caperchione to the science department.  Ms Caperchione comes to us from St Theresa in Richmond Hill.

The second semester is starting off with each of our grades experiencing some guest speakers.  The grades 9 and 10s will hear Leo Barbe on Feb 9 and our seniors will hear Andy Thibodeau on Feb. 24.  We hope that both guest speakers will help motivate and inspire our students to set goals, keep positive and have a fantastic semester two.

Course selection will be upon us soon.  This year each grade level will learn about their course choices in assemblies followed by guidance visits to homerooms.  Parents are welcome to come out on Feb.16 for a parent info session on course selection at 7pm.  Course selection is critical to student success and pathway planning.

Keep informed by following us on twitter: @FBGuidance and @FrBressaniCHS

The staff and administration of Father Bressani wish all of our students continued success in semester two!

Fr Bressani Invades VEX Robotics Competition


By Student Writer, Vanessa Di Stefano

On Saturday January 14th, 2017, the Father Bressani Robotics Team, the FB Eagles participated in the York Region area of the VEX Robotics Competition, sponsored by: Design Solutions and hosted by Sir William Mulock Secondary School in Newmarket Ontario.

The VEX Robotics competition is known worldwide and more than 10, 000 teams from 40 countries participating. Many cities in different states and provinces host the event. The VEX Robotics competition is a day for individuals to be creative and to bring forth all of their ideas and abilities to build the best robot.

The competition is an all-day event.  Battles between the robots take place in a large 12 ft. by 12 ft. cage field.  This cage is spilt into two halves, one half is red and the other half is blue. There are a total of four teams competing in one cage match. Two alliance teams are on each side of the cage. The object of the game is for the robot to pick up an object and throw it over to the opposite side.  The battle starts with a 15 second time period, which the robot is already programmed to work on its own, followed by a one minute and forty-five second control play. This is when the students are allowed to control the robot. Robots need to score higher than their opposing alliance team. On each half of the cage, there are two area zones, the near zone and the far zone.  There are different scores awarded depending on the zone where the objects land.  Robots from opposing alliances are allowed to block objects from landing on their side. The objects include a star and a cube and there are a total of 24 stars and 4 cubes.  It is the battle of the ROBOTS!


The Father Bressani team had a successful outcome. Throughout the first match parts of the robot needed some minor maintenance and repair; however they still received points for having a robot that worked. Other schools had difficulty as well.  Father Bressani won the first match even though there was a small hiccup for maintenance repair. The team kept their spirits high and were ready for the next battle.  They stayed strong and won the second match and although they lost the third, they came back tough and won the forth.

The Father Bressani Robotics Team included Dharma Capitao and Victor Buica for programming, Anastacia De Oliveira, Brandon Paolozzi and Kathrine von Friedl for the design and construction of the robot and Ms. Hofstatter who supervised and assisted with the production of the robot.

Ms. Hofstatter, the team leader and technology teacher at Father Bressani said “This was the first year that Father Bressani participated in the VEX Robotics competition and the team did an amazing job.  I believe that the team really came together in the end.  I am proud of the students because they worked hard and spent a lot of time and effort working on the robot.”


Dharma Capitao a participant of the competition said “At first I felt like our robot would not even come close to the greatness of the other schools robots because it felt like we rushed it.  Once we finished it, I knew that we could win because we worked together as a team and we had fun. I think that was the most important experience. It wasn’t just about winning for us.  It was about working with each other and celebrating this event with other students that had the same interests as us. I feel like our team are the real champions.”

The team’s dedication and creativity demonstrated their true sportsmanship and motivation.  Father Bressani is very proud of their robotics team and we hope to see them competing in years to come.    

The First 100 Days: A Frenetic Start

When I became Vice-Principal for the first time in 2012, I was well aware of what I was getting into. Student needs, teacher queries, parent concerns, Board demands, and a chronically-full inbox-can make for a difficult juggling act in the day to day life of a school administrator.

December 1st will mark the 100th day into my tenure as Vice-Principal at Father Bressani. Although it may seem that not  lot has happened since August 22nd (the day the office opened in the summer), I am more than ready (as are most of my teachers and students), and excited for the upcoming Christmas Break.

It is, however, the perfect time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in a relatively short time, as well as all there is to look forward to in the near future.

I must say at the outset, that the community has been very welcoming. From students to teachers, to parents and support staff, all have welcomed Mrs. Capozzolo and I to the school with open arms. We have had some challenging situations to navigate through, but together, we have come up with solutions that have strengthened learning opportunities for our students inside the classroom and out.

September was a month ripe with hope and optimism. Grade 9s were welcomed on Orientation Day by our student leaders, peer mentors, teachers, and members of the administration. They listened to an inspiring talk from motivational speaker, Ian Brown. The received their timetables, locks/lockers and looked bright and eager in their crisp, newly-purchased uniform items from DGN Kilters. Fall team tryouts took place. The passionate sounds of soccer, rugby, basketball, volleyball players engaging in practices and games could be heard on the premises before and after school. The drumline began to rehearse in Room 228 RIGHT ABOVE MY OFFICE EVERY DAY DURING THIRD/FOURTH PERIOD. Needless to say, I left ON many an afternoon needing an advil and a glass of water. There was definite excitement in the air despite the understandable headaches!

Speaking of DGN, they graced, and continue to grace our presence every second Monday in the ‘mobile tuck truck’. Rumour has it that Mr. Zaroski, Mrs. Capozzolo and I were spotted (and even photographed) by the truck in September placing our own orders for uniform items. Students, teachers and parents got used to our new uniform-enforcement policy and we kept repeating the phrase ‘pride, pride, pride in your school-wear your uniform with pride!’. I think it has caught on but there is still room to improve.

As September ended, we all became captivated by another pennant run by our beloved Toronto Blue Jays. We had a jersey day to cheer them on and supported them until the last out was recorded on the night of Wednesday, October 19th. On October 3rd, our Science classes released butterflies in our Peace Garden after nurturing their growth in a classroom habitat for a number of weeks. Ms. Skrt-Bric and her students led a moving prayer service with a focus on environmental stewardship. Our Senior Boys’ Soccer team went on a miraculous run, led by coaches Mr. Gorys and Ms. Romano. They were undefeated until really late in the season and finished the month of October heading into the Finals with a trip to OFSSAA booked. On the Friday before Thanksgiving, our Eagles knocked off my alma mater, Holy Cross by a score of 3-1 on a beautiful Fall day on our back field. The band played, the fans cheered and all were swept up in a sea of Bressani blue. It was a wonderful way to usher in Thanksgiving weekend. Awards Night, held October 6th, was a wonderful celebration of all of our students’ academic accomplishments. Students were presented with medals and certificates of accomplishment for all of their efforts. Excellence in and out of the classroom was on display and being celebrated. It was also our first opportunity to test our newly-installed AV system in the gymnasium. Everything passed with flying colours and the gym was packed to the rafters.

The world stopped for a few weeks in October while we prepared FRANTICALLY for our Grade 10s to write the online OSSLT. Despite the day’s epic failure (blame the online hackers), our Grade 10s persevered and many completed the whole test, or portions of the test under some very trying circumstances. This Spring’s version of the test will seem like a walk in the park after what we all went through on that fateful Thursday!! On a serious note, I did have to marvel at how well we all worked together (students, teachers, support staff, administrators, etc.) to make the best of a difficult situation.

In late October, killer clowns threatened to invade the school!!! All were on alert at first, but our reliable partners at York Regional Police assured us right away that we were safe and that our days could gog on without worry. A few days later, on the final day of the month, the creative spirit of our student body was on display as we dressed up for Halloween-the most memorable costumes being worn by our ‘Class of 17 Pacers’. Contests were held, prizes were won, and an imaginary murder mystery was solved in the front foyer of our school.

Having Halloween on a Monday sure made the rest of the first week of November a tiring one! But even more still, November held so much for all of us to look forward to! On the 2nd, our Grade 9s participated in ‘Take your child to work day’. While they were out of the building, we welcomed students from our feeder schools for ‘a day in the life of a Father Bressani student’. Once again, our student government leaders, peer mentors, school band, and even our school mascot gave the students a resounding welcome! Later that evening, parents visited the school and were given guided tours of the school by our student tour guides while many other teachers and students made presentations that brought the fantastic learning experiences that take place at Bressani on a daily basis to the forefront. Parents learned about our amazing school spirit, our fantastic programs, and our extra-curricular offerings. The school was full and all were impressed. Some very lucky customers even received authentic Father Bressani ‘Catch the Spirit’ t-shirts that were worn that evening by all of our volunteers. We even had a plan to fire them out of a cannon (like the t-shirt toss at a Leaf game) but we did not want to overdo things…

We recognized ‘International Injustice Week’ by welcoming inspiring guest speakers in our cafeteria. Our Canadian and World Studies Dept. teamed up with our Visual and Performing Arts Department to coordinate memorable Remembrance Day assemblies. We watched history being made in the most hotly-contested U.S. Presidential election in modern times.We had Spelling Bees for each Grade level in the Library. We travelled en masse to cheer on our Eagles as they took on St. Theresa in the YRAA Final. Despite a tremendous effort, our boys fell a goal short of the championship banner in overtime. We welcomed parents for Parent-Teacher interviews on November 17th (most of the news was good news). We wore funky socks and painted our pinkies with blue nail polish to promote anti-bullying initiatives and breathed a little easy heading into the PA Day on November 25th. The month ended with our Environmental Council making milkshakes for students who brought in milk bags for making mats for impoverished people in the 3rd world to sleep on.The passion and drive of our student leaders and their teacher moderators was on full display!! Furthermore, those who participated enjoyed a yummy milkshake!!

As December approaches, we have so much to look forward to!!! We have our first ever junior dance taking place on Friday, December 2nd in our gymnasium. Our student government worked hard to secure a z103.5 dj to spin the music. They have spent hours planning and promoting the event. We hope it will be successful and that it will become a mainstay.

Our Christmas ‘Artsibition’ will take place on December 16th. We encourage all of our community members to come and support our band, our drama students’ production of ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’ and to view our numerous works of Art on display. We know that it will be a memorable evening.

Our extra-curricular activities also continue on in earnest this month. Our Swim Team continues its success as Sr. Boys’ and Sr. Girls’ rank 1st and 2nd respectively. Many thanks to our coaches and swimmers for your dedication!!! Varsity Boys’ Hockey started off its season undefeated by beating CHAT 4-1 and Holy Cross 5-2. Will they repeat as champions this year? Jersey Day on November 30th highlighted our passion for Bressani Athletics and newly established clubs, such as ‘Gamers Paradise’ and ‘Sewing Club’, are keeping students engaged and interacting in a positive way.

As I conclude this post, students are lined up outside the Chapel awaiting receipt of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We are also looking forward to our Advent Mass on December 20th where we will celebrate the Eucharist in eager anticipation of the arrival of the Divine Infant at Christmas. All members of our community are welcome. The Body of Christ, the source and summit of the life and mission of the church, is the unifying force behind all we do at Father Bressani. It just takes a short moment away from the frantic pace of the school to stop, reflect and realize this. I challenge each of you to do this at one point or another over the course of the next 100 days!!!

The next three months of my tenure at Father Bressani will yield many summits and some valleys, but the ‘frenetic’ pace I’m sure will continue. Now most of you will view the words ‘frantic’ and ‘frenetic’ in a negative light. In my view, it is part of God’s plan-to try so many ways to get our attention and encourage us to walk in His light. In the coming weeks, take time to reflect on the blessings that have been bestowed on you individually and on the entire Bressani community. There is so much to celebrate and so much to look forward to!!!

Mr Parente

Vice Principal

Grade 8 Visit and Open House 2016

On Wednesday November 2nd, Father Bressani hosted over 400 grade 8 students during the day and over 650 people at our evening Open House!

Grade 8 Assembled in the cafeteria
Grade 8 Assembled in the cafeteria

During the day, our associate elementary schools spent the day at Bressani learning about our programs and facilities.  The day included assemblies where our guidance counsellors, admin and student leaders speak to the grade 8s about our school.  Overall, the goal of the day is to help our future grade 9s get a feel for high school as they look ahead to the fall of 2017.

The Choir Performs
The Choir Performs

While the students were on tour, their teachers met with Mr. Zaroski and school staff.  Over lunch, the staff were able to ask questions about our AP program, special education supports and any other topics that were of interest to the elementary teachers.  At the end of the visit, the grade 8 teachers were given the registration packages for their students.

Band plays the school song
Band plays the school song to a full house!

At the Evening Open House, the night was started with the drum line marching in and performing for the asssembly.  The choir did an amazing performance of O’Canada followed by the band playing our school song.  At the assembly, Ivan, president of the Faith Development Council opened the proceedings with a prayer.  The MC of the evening was Mr. Parente, Vice Principal.  Mr. Zaroski, Mrs Puopolo (Head of Guidance), and Ms Maietta (Co-Chair of Catholic School Council) all spoke about the good things Bressani has to offer as well as  offering advice to the parents about selecting a high school program.  Andrea (Athletic Council President) and Elisa (Student Council President) spoke about the activities and groups that new grade 9 students can get involved in next year.  After the assembly the guests were invited to take tours and drop into the classrooms that were opened and staffed by students and teachers.

Mr Parente, VP MC
Mr Parente, VP MC
Andrea and Elisa talk about getting involved at FB
Andrea and Elisa talk about getting involved at Father Bressani

There was a well attended Pre-AP presentation in the cafeteria at 8pm.  Thanks to Mrs Heinrich (English Teacher and AP lead) and Ms Capozzolo (VP) who did an informative and interesting presentation.  Over 200 parents attended this presenation!

The drum line performs
The drum line performs

The night was a huge success because of the dozens of staff and over 90 students that volunteered to show off our school.  Thanks to all who helped out.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parents are reminded that mid-term report cards will be going home with the students on Friday November 11th.

Along with the report cards will be information on how to book parent-teacher interviews on-line.  The on-line booking procedure has been used in the past and parents are reminded to have their child’s report card handy when booking the appointments.  On the report card will be the student’s OEN number and teachers’ names which you will need to book appointment times.

If you have any questions about booking appointments, please contact Ms Capozzolo, Vice Principal, at 905-851-6643.

The interviews will be on November 17th.  We look forward to seeing you then!