Silent Auction

Written By Nicholas Suppa (Student Writer), Edited by Christian Santilli (student editor)

June 6, 2017

On June 6th in room 227, Ms. Nagy’s business leadership class held a silent auction to generate funds for a donation to Share Life. The event was very successful, with a lot of money donated and a big turnout from teachers. The auction raised a total of $1460. Father Bressani regarded this auction event as very successful!  Teachers were welcomed into the business leadership classroom with refreshments, and students handed out raffle tickets as they arrived in the classroom. The winning tickets was given to Mr.Buttigeg, Ms.Filipe. The room was beautifully decorated with posters and thank you letters for all the sponsors that donated items.


The event was well thought out for months and took a lot a preparation by Ms. Nagy’s students. Many students had a great time working on this event and gained much knowledge and experience in relation to teamwork, leadership and collaboration with peers and most importantly gained corporate experience within the classroom. All vital skills needed in the business world. The attendance for the auction met expectations when 60 staff members attended.


The event started during third period and went on during A and B lunch. At first the event seemed to be going slowly but after the first ten minutes, teachers were participating and were bidding on various items that were being auctioned. The number of bids being made by teachers made it seem like there would be no items left to auction!


Items donated were auctioned from many different organizations, including Nike, Sport Chek, Adidas, Canadian Tire, Starbucks, Cineplex, The Keg, and Fortinos just to name a few. Some of the items being auctioned off were TFC tickets, which went for $90, and cineplex and keg gift cards, which went for $66. The highest item auctioned off was a Sportchek gift card and it went for a whopping $100.


The marketing committee spent many hours designing and placing posters around the school and also around Room 227. The Financial committee tracked bids and collected payments from staff, Logistics committee made sure the right equipment was at the auction as well as laying out the room to make the auction looks presentable and the sponsorship committee wrote letters for donations making sure that donations were arriving from organizations.  All students and teachers who participated in the silent auction had a great time raising money for a good cause in a fun and exciting way!


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