Bressani Day 2017

By: Christian Santilli, Student Writer

Tuesday, May 31, 2017

On Friday, May 26 Father Bressani held the event that students wait for all year long; Bressani Day!   The annual event, during which students and teachers come together to celebrate all things Father Bressani, was a huge success.  Thankfully, the rain held up on Friday, so celebrations were able to be held outdoors, giving students a chance to enjoy the fresh air and the warm weather.  

The festivities started indoors, during first period.  Each home room class was asked to send five representatives to take part in a school-wide scavenger hunt, which included racing to find a wanted sign of Mr. Zaroski, and trying to figure out the exact number of classrooms that are in the school.  The scavenger hunt was won by Mrs. Palmieri’s class.  

Outside the school, organizers of the event certainly did not disappoint with any the Bressani Day attractions.  Exciting activities included a huge, inflatable obstacle course in which students could race against their friends to the finish.  Plus, there was a giant blow-up cage filled with a variety of (safe) items that students could use to fight against other students, which is perfect for anyone who sometimes finds their friends to be a bit annoying.  

As for food, Bressani Day offered many delicious snack options that were available for students throughout the day.  In addition to the free burger that was available to students for lunch, snack options for sale included food from “The Big Cannoli”, an ice cream truck, and “Chimney Stax.”  

And possibly the most entertaining part of the day- for students at least- was the “Dunk a Teacher” and “Throw a Pie at a Teacher” events.  This was the perfect chance for students to have some fun embarrassing their favourite teacher, or to get some great revenge on their least favourite teacher!  But don’t worry, the teachers got their revenge during the student-teacher softball game, where Bressani teachers defeated the students in an overwhelming victory.  

Despite the great success that Bressani Day ended up to be, all Bressani students know that there almost was not a Bressani day at all this year!  Things were a bit different this year, and students were told that they would have to pay two dollars for Bressani Day tickets, and if less than 90 percent of students bought tickets Bressani Day would be cancelled.  This understandably concerned many of the students, including grade 11 student Katie Pigott, who explained, “I was just really worried that our Bressani Dat would be taken away.”
In the end, Bressani Day was a great day filled with all sorts of fun for students and teacher alike, and needless to say, everyone is eagerly awaiting Bressani Day 2018!  



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